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Expert Document Legalization for all Non-Hague Convention Countries

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Consulate Attestation Services

大使馆合法化服务包括在美国大使馆认证您的法律文件,以验证其在另一个国家使用的有效性. You may need consular authentication services if you are getting married in, are seeking employment in or plan to move to another country. Corporate documents may include certificates of incorporation, certificates of good standing or others.

The embassy authentication process can be complex; missteps can result in rejections and frustrating delays. 这个过程取决于你需要证明文件的国家是否是1961年海牙公约的成员国. In countries that follow this uniform process, documents may be apostilled to verify their authenticity.

For non-Hague Convention countries, 这个过程取决于你正在处理的文件是由州政府颁发的还是由美国政府颁发的.S. government. State-issued documents such as birth or death certificates, driver’s licenses, divorce decrees, articles of incorporation and other records require state certification first, before being certified by the U.S. Department of State, and finally receiving an embassy certificate. Federally issued records — such as Social Security records, FBI background checks, 入籍证书和其他联邦文件-遵循不同的合法化程序.

Consulate Attestation Services
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Submit our form online and calculate an estimated cost immediately. 我们也会检查您的文件扫描是否有任何错误,如果需要采取其他步骤,我们会尽快通知您.
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No need to make an appointment or go to a physical location. 只需通过安全的跟踪运输服务(联邦快递、DHL或UPS)将您的文件邮寄给我们即可。. In some cases we may not even need the physical copy!
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Once completed, 您的加注/合法文件将通过联邦快递或DHL寄到您的家门口. 无论您在美国还是世界各地,无论您身在何处,我们都将为您提供重要文件.

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One Source Process Provides a Range of Consular Authentication Services

One Source Process, headquartered in Washington, D.C. and with locations in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco, 帮助澳门官方十大网投平台确保第一时间提交正确的文件,并遵循正确的程序. When you choose our embassy legalization services, you can be confident your document(s) will be verified as quickly as possible.

  • For Hague Convention countries, One Source Process provides apostille services, including evaluating and confirming document seals, stamps and signatures so documents can be submitted to the U.S. State Department or Secretary of State’s office to be apostilled. 我们负责为澳门官方十大网投平台准备和归档加盖的大使馆文件,并为澳门官方十大网投平台取得加盖的文件.
  • For other countries, One Source Process通过确认和获得州或联邦认证来帮助澳门官方十大网投平台浏览大使馆认证过程,以便将文件提交给大使馆进行合法化.
Embassy Legalization Services
documents verified for use in another country

Why Use Us for Embassy Attestation Services?

选择一个来源流程的使馆合法化服务采取的压力和麻烦的使馆文件认证, so you can focus on preparing for your future stay or move to another country.

  • We offer document authentication, apostille and embassy/consular legalization services in all 50 states.
  • With a network footprint spanning the U.S. 在这方面的丰富知识和经验,我们可以为您节省时间和金钱.

Our extensive network, 承诺快速的服务和对细节的关注使我们成为这些和许多其他服务的最佳选择. Click here to learn more about the embassy/consular legalization process. Once you’re ready to get started, complete an online Order Form. Still have questions? Contact us to learn more!

Do you need documents verified for use in another country?

One Source Process can navigate the red tape and handle the entire apostille, consular legalization and embassy authentication process for you with ease. We understand how complicated these processes can be, 我们拥有所需的专业知识,可以尽可能快速、无痛地为您处理这些问题. When you turn to us, 您可以放心,我们全面的知识和能力将为您节省时间和压力. 我们为在我们所做的每一个方面提供卓越的澳门官方十大网投平台服务的能力感到自豪.

Testimonials from real clients

Don Pelletier
Broker & Real Estate Consultant
我强烈推荐One Source Process来满足您所有的文件合法化需求. 我会把他们推荐给我的同事、朋友和即将到海外工作的员工. They tackled two complex problems for me with ease. 他们沟通良好,并通过电子邮件和电话及时解决了我所有的问题. If you ever need document legalization services, call no one else, I won’t.
The Don Pelletier Group, Inc
Holly Webb
Personal Assistant
我们使用了几个不同的流程服务器,但没有一个提供one Source process所提供的澳门官方十大网投平台服务水平. They are very reliable and they communicate every step of the way. 亚历克斯和布兰登帮了我们很大的忙,他们总是花时间了解我们的需求. We look forward to working with One Source Process for a long time
Schoppl Law
Bryan Cosgrove
Personal Assistant
专业和高效-以前没有通过加签服务, 我们是由非常专业和礼貌的人指导和教导我们所做的. 我们对他们完成这项工作的效率和速度感到非常满意. 最终的产品被银行接受,遗产的受益人收到了他们的资金, everyone was happy. Thank you, One Source Process, Inc.
The Law Offices Of George Castrataro

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